Costume Detail: Ariel by Jane’s Jubilee on Flickr.


Costume Detail: Ariel by Jane’s Jubilee on Flickr.

All about Ariel! 

Name: Ariel

Nicknames: Princess Ariel

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Birthday/year: Ariel’s birthday falls on March 16th, her zodiac sign being Pisces.

Relationship status: Single

Spouse: None, yet!

Hair: Ariel’s crimson red hair is a large part of her signature and recognizable appearance. All of her sisters have either blonde, brunette, or black hair, leaving Ariel out as unique; however, she resembles her mother the most in the fact that they both share the same shade of hair. Her hair is very soft and straight underwater, but it can dry in curls on land.

Eyes: Ariel has large, ocean-blue eyes with slightly long and curved eyelashes. Her eyes are extremely expressive along with her eyebrows. Just by looking at her eyes, one can tell the emotions that Ariel is feeling in a situation. 

Origin: Ariel, along with her many sisters, is a daughter of Triton, King of Atlantica, therefore she is considered royalty and was raised as such. Starting from a young age, Ariel was constantly taking place in classes teaching her the proper ways of behaving as a princess. However, she never paid attention to these classes and has led her life the way she desires it to be.

Language: Ariel is, in a way, bilingual in the fact that she can both communicate with humans and with marine creatures, this explaining her friendship with Flounder and Sebastian. However she took no lessons in this, it is something every mermaid is born with and is very common among Atlantica.

Height: Ariel is at an average height for her age, being about 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Unlike many girls her age, Ariel has always been comfortable in her own skin. She is rather thin for her height, but she’s never minded that much. Ariel doesn’t think much of her appearance, but if you were to ask what she thought of herself, she would reply that she’d grown up with so many people telling her how beautiful she is that it has led her to believe it herself.

Race/Species: Ariel was born a mermaid, but has been granted the power to grow legs whenever she is dry. 

Parents/Elders/Guardians: At a young age, Ariel’s mother was killed by a fishing ship, devastating her father and explaining his loathing of human beings. The death of her mother surely affected the two drastically, for Ariel was forced to grow up without a mother and Triton lost the love of his life. It also began the complications between the father and daughter because of Ariel’s infatuation with human things(she never knew the cause of her mothers death and still does not know to this day) and her fathers hatred for them. Additionally, Sebastian serves as an uncle/babysitter-type role in Ariel’s life and though she often complains about having him around all of the time, she appreciates that he cares about her so much.

Siblings: Ariel has 6 sisters: Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina, in order of oldest to youngest. In that list, Ariel would be last seeing as she is the youngest. Her relationship is fairly healthy with her sisters; they all get along wonderfully, however, Attina, being the oldest, often scolds Ariel for her rebellious ways and tries her best to whip the teenager into shape. Ariel of course never pays this any attention and ignores whatever her oldest sister has to say to her.

Friends/Allies: Besides her sisters, Flounder is Ariel’s closest friend and has been ever since she was about 12 years old. Flounder has been with her through thick and thin, through every adventure, and has supported her in the toughest decisions.

Enemies: Ursula the Sea Witch and her two eel minions, Floatsome and Jetsome, are Ariel’s biggest enemies. 

Career/Past Careers: N/A

Dreams/Life Goals: All Ariel dreamed of ever since she was a little girl was living on land among humans. This has always been her strongest desire and has driven her to begin her collection of random human things. 

~will list from here on out~

Hobbies: Collecting thingamabobs when living in the ocean, collecting seashells when living on land(they remind her of home, singing, dancing

Likes: music

Loves: human world, her friends and family, adventuring

Dislikes: being babied, feeling restrained or misunderstood

Loathes: people who harm the people she loves, liars

Fears: losing everything and everyone she has, heights

Strengths: swimming 

Weakness: running(at times), her family, her most prized posessions

Good Qualities: adventurous, curious, joyful, sweet

Bad Habits: selfish, gullible, naive, secretive, impulsive

Normal Talents: singing, dancing

Supernatural Powers&Abilities: turns into a mermaid when her legs are emerged in water

Temperament: Most of the time, Ariel is an innocent, smiley, and curious girl who loves to laugh and be with people she loves. She can come across as naive at times, however, she can be very wise when she wants to be. Overall, Ariel is generally outgoing, however if she is upset, she will tend to be secretive and hide her bad feelings, wanting to avoid questions she doesn’t want to answer.


See: The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning.

Changes to canon:

Instead of going to see Ursula the sea witch in order to gain her legs, Ariel convinced her father to allow her on land as long as she comes back to Atlantica and visits often. She has the power to transform into a mermaid when her legs are completely and fully emerged in water.


Sometimes, when I’m feeling very sad, I close my eyes and I hear singing. I’m not quite sure, but the lyrics are something like—

Oh, the waves roll low, and the waves roll high,

and so it goes under a bright blue endless sky.

Waves try to measure the days that we treasure,

wave hello and wave goodbye.

It’s a distant memory, but I’m sure it’s my mother singing a lullaby to me when I was a baby. I miss her very much.